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KCC LogoJoin Karen’s Creative Crew monthly membership where you will learn how to make beautiful wreaths, swags, bows, floral arrangements and more!  In this monthly recurring membership, you will learn how to make a wreath step-by-step by following live demonstrations in a private Facebook group.  You will have opportunities to ask questions and build your skills each month. Learn how to make seasonal wreaths, bows, swags, and floral arrangements in the trendiest styles!

  • Have you been looking at all the beautiful wreaths this season and wishing you could make one?
  • Have you wished you had the perfect floral arrangement to match your home décor?
  • Do you love to decorate for every season and love DIY?
  • Do you lack confidence in your design skills and wish for  step-by-step guidance?

Learn to create designs like these:

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What others are saying:

I started making wreaths in February 2021 as a hobby to keep me busy during the pandemic.  Mind you, I did not know the first thing about making wreaths and don’t consider myself to be a creative or crafty person.  I came across one of Karen’s Facebook Live videos where she offered her very first Fundamentals class.  I signed up and have been a fan every since.  I have learned so much from Karen over these past seven months and went from not knowing how to even begin making a wreath to now having made over 50 wreaths.  Karen took us step-by-step and taught us how to make a wreath from start to finish, constantly encouraging us along the way.  Karen is a great teacher and does not mind sharing her knowledge.  She also makes some of the most beautiful wreaths, swags, flower arrangements, and other crafts that I have ever seen!  I am looking forward to becoming a member of Karen’s Creative Crew so that I can continue to expand my crafting skills!

Georgia B


Karen, thank you so much- The Fundamentals classes were Awesome. I’ve learned so much and my skills are better…I’m also participating in the Barboursville Fall Fest this upcoming weekend…couldn’t have done this without Karen’s teaching…and giving me the info on this. She is Wonderful!!!!!  Looking forward to the upcoming classes and the monthly wreath club…I started taking classes before I lost my Father in January…such a great hobby to keep my mind busy…and there is always something to be learned too in the Wreath making world.  I’ve never met Karen, I live in WV, but Karen makes you feel at home with her live wreath videos…I consider Karen Gresham my Friend!!!!!  Thanks so much 🙂


Tina H.


I’ve taken all your fundamental workshops. Your teachings have been a blessing. You do a great job explaining how things are done. I’ve learned so much and have greater confidence in my wreaths now. Thanks for all that you do.


Angela C.


As someone new to deco mesh wreath making I was looking for tutorials and was so lucky to discover Karen and Crafty Creations Wreath Shop. Karen is so kind and patient and brakes down the steps in an easy to understand way. She is sweet and funny and time flies so quickly when watching her videos. I enrolled in every workshop that she had and learned so much. Not only does she show the actual techniques but she also let you into the creative thought process of how and why she decides to include or not to include items in the wreath, which is extremely helpful. She is very patient with questions and gets super excited with our creations. Cannot wait to see what else she has to teach me. Her work is amazing and beautiful.


Roxanne A.


Karen is someone who truly loves her craft! She is such an awesome teacher! She explains the different techniques step by step. She gives you concise instructions and always says you will be creative and unique in your way with your choices. She lets you know why she made the color choices for the project which makes you think how to put your project together. Karen utilizes the styles that are current and popular. She always puts the customers first in her designs and delivers quality projects. Karen always makes sure she is greeting her Facebook friends and makes you feel welcome on her pages. She is truly excited about her craft and you can certainly hear her joy in her voice. She also gives you pointers from her experience. She is excited about her craft and that makes me excited too!


Carla G


Karen is a special person. She was in my nursing class years and years ago. She hasn’t changed at all. She will help you anyway she can. I am having so much fun in her classes. I encourage everyone to come join.


Jennifer C

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– Karen